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Members Detail


Rtr. Jayesh Bheda

Phone:                21457/32668/9825226121

Birth Date:           16/6/76 

Wedding Anniversary:  27//4/99


Rtr. Amit Bhardwaj

Phone:                33817/20266/9825225969

Birth Date:           23/4/73 

Wedding Anniversary:  24/3/98


Rtr. Anup Ghira

Phone:                38163/30294/9825291108 

Birth Date:           31/12/78 

Wedding Anniversary:  20/5/02


Rtr. Sunil Malu

Phone:                30113/36860/9825222269

Birth Date:           20/7/78 

Wedding Anniversary:  


Rtr. Purshotam Keshwani

Phone:                34410/34410/9825385775

Birth Date:           13/7/78 

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Bhupendra Jadeja

Phone:                22002/33003/9825226622

Birth Date:           28/5/78 

Wedding Anniversary:  18/1/??


Rtr. Pankaj Moabia

Phone:                33690/37174

Birth Date:           5/9/78 

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Deepak Mengar

Phone:                20683/34838/9825265121

Birth Date:           23/9/72 

Wedding Anniversary:  9/5/96


Rtr. Narendra Patel

Phone:                22292/23032/9825226164

Birth Date:           25/9/71 

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Shankar Ahir


Birth Date:

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Jayesh Pujara


Birth Date:

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Kapil Sachde

Phone:                 34659/61302/98242 18666

Birth Date:            21/10/78

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Beena Thakker

Phone:                 31729/27039

Birth Date:            9/8/78

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Rajendra Thakker

Phone:                 21919/27039

Birth Date:            8/7/73

Wedding Anniversary:   3/3/2002 


Rtr. Hiren Bheda

Phone:                 24333/9825246046

Birth Date:           

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Sanjay Kriplani

Phone:                 22618/9825162921

Birth Date:            

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Sanjay Thakker

Phone:                 23188/33379/9825385300

Birth Date:            19/12

Wedding Anniversary:   18/7


Rtr. Piyush Gohel

Phone:                 25640

Birth Date:            19/12

Wedding Anniversary:   18/7 


Rtr. Srikanth Rathi

Phone:                 34268/31533/9824214951

Birth Date:            2/3/74

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Abhishek Surana

Phone:                 26677/32310   

Birth Date:            15/8/75

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Rahul Anam

Phone:                 21505/21996/9825226711

Birth Date:            23/10/79

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Tejas Sachde

Phone:                 29229/32778/9825476276

Birth Date:            1/2/78

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Ravi Kheshkwani

Phone:                 22635/22366

Birth Date:            22/10/79

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Atul Pandya

Phone:                 37012

Birth Date:            

Wedding Anniversary:   24/5/02 


Rtr. Kajal Shah

Phone:                 38251

Birth Date:            5/7/78

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Alpa D Nirmal

Phone:                 38609

Birth Date:            19/9/?? 

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Bhavna Prajapati

Phone:                 63130/37303

Birth Date:            8/12/??

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Chintan Upadhyay

Phone:                 22712/33853   

Birth Date:            22/9/83

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Mahesh Virwani

Phone:                 20293   

Birth Date:            4/4/??

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Jeetu Chandnani

Phone:                 24613/60463

Birth Date:            28/7/??

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Ravji Myatra

Phone:                 30974/84228

Birth Date:            12/8/73

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Summet Motwani

Phone:                 21588/37756

Birth Date:            13/11/??

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Kiran Ahir

Phone:                 9825391381   

Birth Date:            7/7/78

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Shalini Gupta

Phone:                 36350

Birth Date:            24/10/78

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Jitendra Pandey

Phone:                 30616/25553   

Birth Date:            30/11/??

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Suresh Nahta

Phone:                 20581/34130

Birth Date:            7/9/78 

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Jayesh Gupta

Phone:                 34468

Birth Date:            9/4/80 

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Sunil Bajaj

Phone:                 21459/9825168170

Birth Date:            16/3/79

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Deepak Bajaj

Phone:                 32520/32800/9825178611

Birth Date:            25/10/75

Wedding Anniversary:   21/2/02 


Rtr. Sadique Rayma

Phone:                 21457/40517/9825497464

Birth Date:            5/4/74

Wedding Anniversary:   11/6/01


Rtr. Ghela Ahir

Phone:                 31986/84234/9825227266

Birth Date:            13/4/78

Wedding Anniversary:   15/2/95 


Rtr. Gaurav Khubchandani

Phone:                 20733/23765   

Birth Date:            6/12/82

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr Hiren Shetia

Phone:                 37247/21119/9825191667   

Birth Date:            

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Poonam Gor

Phone:                 21112

Birth Date:            13/9/??

Wedding Anniversary:


Rtr. Kapil Dholakia

Phone:                 33450/35774

Birth Date:            17/3/??

Wedding Anniversary:




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